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Is Hades’ Star for me?

You should definitely try Hades’ Star if:

Hades’ Star is probably not for you if:


Is Hades’ Star similar to <insert your favorite space strategy game here>?

There may be some similarities, but Hades’ Star is a largely original game. Here’s how some other games have affected us:



What is the goal of the game?

The goal is to expand your empire by colonizing multiple planets, building and upgrading fleets and space stations, and doing PvE and PvP missions that help you gain technology and influence. You will upgrade your planets and fleets using natural resources you find and compete for in various stars. There are multiple secondary goals players may want to engage in, such as climbing the leaderboards or completing various trade, mining or combat achievements. Future updates will add further goals and progress the story of the Hades Galaxy.


What customization options do I have for my ships?

The game offers pre-determined ship designs, but individual ships can be outfitted with modules that you discover and research separately. Modules give unique advantages to a ship, including weapons, mining equipment, etc. Our constant updates regularly add new module types to the game. We believe this is preferable to the alternative of allowing each player to design completely custom ships, especially considering our design focus. Having predetermined designs means each player knows the basic capabilities of other player’s ships without much possibility of confusion. Module customization still allows relatively unique ship designs for individual players.


What is the business model for the game?

Hades’ Star is free to play, with all content and progression available over time without paying anything. Optional in-app purchases allow faster progression.