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At Parallel Space, we strongly believe in the power of small teams. We have written about what kinds of people, structures and support we believe small teams can thrive with. Our goal is to create and support one or more such small teams of exceptional individuals that work well together and create unique, memorable and long lasting social games.

If you believe you would be an asset to such a team, please get in touch at

Our office is in Edmonton, Canada. We believe great talent can come from anywhere in the world, and we will consider remote work accommodations for the right candidate.

This is a primary list of specializations we are looking for. If you believe you'd be a good fit for the small teams we are creating, we encourage you to get in touch even if you do not see your area of expertise below.

Game Artist

  • Can define, communicate and help implement all aspects of visual style for a game
  • Proven ability to create distinctive, appealing and consistent art
  • Experience working with other artists or outsourcers to implement their creative vision

Social Games Designer

  • Has a vision and a genuine passion for creating original games around meaningful social interactions
  • Understands social dynamics and has extensive experience with social structures from MMOs or similar games
  • Experience with creating and tweaking progression systems and in-game social economies based both on good judgment and data

Client Programmer

  • Deep knowledge and experience with C# and C++
  • Previous experience building and optimizing games for iOS and/or Android
  • Experience in Unity is a plus

Server Programmer

  • Deep knowledge and experience with C# and C++
  • Experienced in creating robust, scalable, efficient server software
  • Familiarity with MySQL or other database software


Andreas Papathanasis Photo

Andreas Papathanasis


Andreas does design, production, and programming on Hades' Star. He has previously worked for diverse companies and projects in the games industry, including EA/Bioware and Supercell.

Chris Smith Photo

John Kanaan


John does art direction and creation on Hades’ Star. He has been in the games industry for over nine years working on franchises including Star Wars, Marvel, Call of Duty, Dungeons and Dragons, Skylanders and Tron.