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Parallel Space Inc. is a small, independent, high performance team focusing on quality online games that build direct relationships with players. Our first game, Hades' Star, has reached millions of players worldwide and is providing a stable foundation as we expand to new games.

We are looking for an experienced Game Programmer to help us implement and maintain gameplay related systems in existing and new games. To be a good fit for the role, you already have experience in multiple game related systems such as gameplay, AI, user interface, graphics, networking, or build pipelines, from past industry experience or from working on your own projects. You have the experience to write the smallest, simplest, fastest code possible that gets "the job" done, and the observation and communication skills to accurately understand what "the job" means. You understand "the job" may change in the future in complex ways, but do not let unrealized possibilities affect the quality of your present day code. When "the job" actually does change, you are proactive in keeping the code base as simple and small as possible for the new job. You understand that you are creating games, not technology, and that you cannot code a good game without constantly playing it and thoroughly understanding the underlying design mechanisms.

This is a full-time position in our offices in Edmonton, AB.

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Please send your resume and cover letter to